Finding a Job in the Healthcare Industry
Jan 16th, 2013 by caroline


Finding a sales job in the healthcare industry can be tricky for those who have never worked in the field before. Just being able to get your foot in the door can take a few tries. The door will open quicker for those who have some type of medical background. However, college graduates who have degrees in marketing seem to have an advantage in employment opportunities being offered to them. You do not have to have a medical background or marketing degree to become a medical salesman though some sort of college degree is required in the vast majority of the jobs. Some companies are willing to work with job seekers if they have great references or have shown their selling talents in some other way.
If you are thinking about  healthcare informatics jobs in the sales area of the healthcare industry there are many branches you will want to research. Most of the sales oriented jobs do not deal with direct patient care. Salesmen will work mainly with Doctors, Pharmacists, Hospitals, Extended Stay Facilities and the like.
Pharmaceutical sales representatives make up a huge part of the healthcare work force. This field requires long hours and extensive training. The goal of a pharmaceutical rep is the “sale” their medicine to doctors and hospitals. Though no money exchanges hands, the sales pitch is given to the prospective doctor/hospital. The purpose of the pitch is to educate the doctors/hospitals in how the medicine works, studies done to show superiority against other like medicines, side effects and overall facts about the medicine and why it should be used above other drugs in the same category.
Medical device sales reps give the same sales pitches but with medical devices instead of medicines. Medical devices sold can be as simple as blood glucose monitors and as high tech as MRI machines.
There is also a branch of the sales field that deals with IT. All hospitals, private doctor offices, drug stores and extended stay facilities need computer programs that can be molded to fit their own special needs. Salesmen are needed to reach prospective buyers.
Anyone in the sales industry can tell you that most sales jobs are not your standard 9-5 operations. Jobs dealing with sales in the healthcare industry usually require long, erratic hours, lots of travel and extensive training to keep salesmen up to date on the latest technologies. Though the jobs can be trying, they can also be very well paying jobs and the job security in itself is a major bonus.
Increase Your Savings Account
Jun 4th, 2012 by caroline

If you are looking to buy a house, a car, or any other item that would require a loan the first thing that you are going to need is a good credit score. Banks will also check your checking and savings account to see if you have enough cash on hand to make the payments that you need to make. Saving money is an important part of being financially healthy and making your way towards a good life after retirement. You never know when an emergency is going to pop up whether medical, dental, or an accident that you may or may not be prepared for.

You may think that it is impossible to save money with your income and the expenses that you have every month. But, even if you can only build your savings account incrementally, every little bit helps. Here are some great tips on ways that you can increase your savings account.

• Withhold money from your paycheck – Have money directly taken from you paycheck each time that you are paid and put into your savings account. If the money is put into an account before you even see it you will not even notice that the money is gone. You can’t spend money that you don’t have.

• Cut your expenses – This may seem obvious but it does take some level of commitment to decrease the amount of money that you spend each week. Start by first cutting out one thing that you think that you don’t need each month. Then add other things as well to your budget that can be cut out or reduced. You may be surprised after a while the effect that this can have on your savings account after a while.

• Eat at home – Eating out is one of the most common ways that people waste money in their monthly budgets. By cutting out one or two meals a week where you would generally eat out and putting the money that you save into your savings account you make huge steps towards increasing the amount of money in your savings account. You can also carefully plan and budget meals to get the most optimal prices in your eating habits.

It is a great feeling to have money in savings. It can be a comforting feeling to know that you can handle just about any emergency that comes your way. Finances are one of the biggest causes of stresses for people in America today. By depriving yourself of just one or two things that you don’t really need each week and having a percentage of your check deposited directly into a savings account you can go a long way towards increasing your savings and your peace of mind.

Why You Need Your Own Web Site
Nov 7th, 2011 by caroline

When the web was still a novelty, most business owners were doubtful of its potential as a way to make money. Technology was still limited, and web pages were plain and unattractive. It was possible to use simple photos and graphics, but anything too fancy would take too much time to upload. With developments in HTML-based software and increases in server speeds, more opportunities open up for businesses using the internet every day.

Increased capability is the single most important factor. A web page is not only cheap advertisement; it is a portal through which to conduct business. The web page might contain embedded telecommunication software, or it might simply direct the reader to a phone number or email account. Customers can use the internet to place orders and even send payments in advance. While it can be extra footwork to setup an online transfer system with a bank, PayPal and other digital wallets makes sending and receiving money easy.

For a brick and mortar establishment, an online store has many uses even if the site only provides information. Any ad, whether in the newspaper or phone book, can direct people do a company website. This URL address will be visible to any person on the web, although it might only get search priority to local surfers. Web pages can contain a wealthy of information, as well as a premium opportunity to sell a good or service over the web. The internet is the ultimate calling catalog, with the potential for thousands of pages as well as interactive content.

A website can give a small business a sudden burst of credibility. A well designed web page, even if it does not contain fancy graphics or embedded software, helps to establish the resources and capability of a company. Good photos and excellent language give a strong impression, and it goes to show that a local company does not have to spend thousands of dollars on a publicity campaign.

One thing that a website uniquely provides is interactivity. While a prospective client can call an establishment on the phone, it is only on a web site that the customer can post content to a blog or ask questions and receive public answers. A website is an important place to set a question and answer roster, as well as a frequently updated bulletin board. Print media quickly goes out of date; a website can be updated typically without expense.

How To Promote Your Business
Oct 14th, 2011 by caroline

Whether a business is just starting up or is well established, promoting that business is crucial. For generations businesses put their name out there using eye-catching brochures and flyers. Hand painted signs on the sides of buildings and billboards could be seen everywhere and by everyone. Businesses in the past drew their customers from a specific geographical location. The local butcher was just down the street, and the hardware store was a few blocks away. The Internet did not exist, and customers did not drive for miles searching for bargains. Today’s market is not hindered by geography; businesses do not have a captive audience so to speak. The consumer base is worldwide in many cases.

Competition is fierce therefore; owners have to be creative, and effective to survive. The first step is to establish a plan, and then gather the tools to implement that plan. One of the quickest ways to introduce a new business or revive interest in an established one is an open house or a tradeshow. Businesses must have an advertising budget for promotional items. Promotional items have an established record of success. People collect drink coasters, pens, tote bags and coffee mugs from all corners of the world.

Giveaways at tradeshows are a vital part of promoting a business. Consumers expect giveaways, and they expect them to be relevant. Obviously, the promotional items need to be reflective of the company’s product or service. Promotional items can also show the company’s commitment to the environment such as recycling and energy conservation. Giveaways such as refillable water bottles to reduce plastics in landfills are an excellent promotional item. The water bottle with the company logo on it will be used and seen by countless potential customers. Coffee mugs are popular. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the United States. Coffee is consumed in every corner of the world. The company can show their commitment to free trade coffee or organic coffee and so forth. Coffee samples and coffee mugs with the company name on them will generate interest in the company. Travel coffee mugs are tremendously popular, and people will carry the travel mugs on trains, buses and use them at the office.

One way to be even more personal with  potential clients is to host your own social event, either at your office, at a restaurant or at a bar and grill.  When you host your own event, make sure, when you send out invitations, that the message is clear and the call to action is enticing.  During your event, there will be a time to get up in front of everyone and speak.  They know the reason they are there so it shouldn’t be difficult to get there attention.  Make sure to thank them for coming and to enjoy their time.  The best time to “sell” your business is when you personally visit with everyone who came.  They wouldn’t have come if they didn’t want to speak with you.

Billboards, taxis and the sides of city buses all have a company name or advertisement displayed on them. That name is being branded into people’s minds, potential consumer’s minds. Branding a company name into the minds of everyone is what makes a company successful. Businesses need a recognizable logo, a design or slogan that sets the company apart from all others. When consumers need a service or product, make sure they have the company name on their coffee mugs, pens, tote bags and water bottles.

How to Choose Stocks to Invest In?
Sep 26th, 2011 by caroline

So you are considering investing in stocks. Many people look for different ways to earn money, especially in tough economic times. After all, the common story of society is that people work long and hard hours only to be left with a small portion of a small check. Many people get tired of the frustration of their rut and try to find a loophole. Investing in the stock market is a good way to earn some extra money. However, it is also a good way to lose money.

Now, the financial gain or loss of your investing will depend on the stocks you choose. If you are wondering what the right stock is to invest in, you must understand the many different factors that go into choosing these stocks. These factors include investment styles and analysis style. You also must know how to read the graphs in order to detect a trend in the market. The most important factor to consider is yourself. You have to know how you work. You have to know your goals and your plans.  There are a lot of different financial products that can be traded and invested in on the stock market, so if you want to learn about penny stocks, blue chip company stocks, bonds, currencies or commodities make sure to do as much research as possible to find out what type of trading and investing suits your methodology and style.

Studying the stock market involves a lot of Science. However, there is also a little bit of art involved as well as the dreaded “I” word, Intuition. You want to find the right market for you. Do not rely strictly on what other people tell you to do. What may have worked for them in the stock market will not necessarily work for you. After you have found a method of investing that will work for you, it is time to do some research. It is important for you to be able to study the companies that you are considering. There are free resources on the internet that will allow you to get the information that you need.

The stock market is an easy game to lose. What you would want to do before actual investment is get some practice. There are some programs that will allow you to practice with imaginary money. You will get an idea of how well you would do in the stock market. You will also get a feel of how the stocks work. Once you get comfortable with the practice, then you can move on and invest in the real stock market. Even if you do extensive research, your chances of losing are still great.

Different Methods of Advertising Your Business
Aug 18th, 2011 by caroline

A word of mouth customer creates revenue. They tell their friends and family members about their positive experiences. It is the most inexpensive route to generate business. In the local community, many businesses sponsor kid’s sports teams, high school musical productions and sporting events. Marketing managers are using promotional products such as notepads, pencils, magnets and hand sanitizer to get name recognition.

Traditional newspapers, coupons and direct mailing are consistent in producing exposure for an established business or a new start-up. For relatively few advertising dollars, creative marketing people mail postcards, brochures and coupons to pre-selected households. These products create interest and cause action from potential clients.

If a small business is community driven, media outlets offer Public Service Announcements or PSA’s. A PSA is a short announcement of an upcoming event or action for the community. They can be as short as 15 seconds or as long as a minute. Stations do not charge for the air time. The only catch is that the announcement needs to be non-profit or charity related.

Young managers are experts at Internet advertising. They use websites, blogs and e-mail. Some even produce podcasts and pop-up ads. They produce word-of-mouth interest through chat rooms. All of this content is available 24 hours a day at the customers convenience.

These strategies produce revenue and positive feelings in the community. The more exposure that a company has through the web, paper ads and promotional materials, the more profit potential there is. Successful marketing managers and owners realize the importance of community awareness. The company’s products and services need to be at the front of the customers minds in order for them be the top producer in their field. New promotional products and give aways are an excellent way for the companies moniker to be noticed and appreciated.

Essay Writing Tips
Jul 20th, 2011 by caroline

Essay writing is the cornerstone of a college student’s life. Nearly all subjects will require you to write at one point or other. Learning how to efficiently write a comprehensive essay is a skill that is going to be necessary if you want to do well in college.

Start as early as possible. Cramming that research article the night before class, is not the way to go. Taking your time will allow you to write the article with as little stress as possible, for you will have the peace of mind knowing that the due date is far into the future. Having a jumpstart with your essay writing will allow you to do more in depth research, which will typically translate to a higher grade on your paper. Write a couple of paragraphs every day and you will soon have an essay – written without the anxiety of encroaching due dates.

Get help when you can. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you need help with your essay writing. There is an abundance of resources out on the web for you to find the aid you need for your writing skills. For instance, you can look on forums to find the necessary tools you need from other writers. Another form of help you can find are tutors that teach english. It is especially easy if you are living in a heavily populated city.

Take up the habit of writing an outline. An outline will lay out a framework for your essay’s main points and supporting ideas. Do your research on the subject at hand, and write out an outline that is cohesive and comprehensive. For each major idea, you should have sub-ideas to support these main points. Writing an essay with an outline written out will help to streamline the process. Outlines can also help prevent writer’s block, since the framework of your essay will be in front of you. For instance, if you google ‘Westwood English Tutors’ and find a local english aid near you.

When writing the essay, make sure that you are far away from distractions. If your dorm is too loud for you, then go to your campus’ library. It is important to write in a quiet setting so that you can stay concentrated on writing your article. Try not to write when you are hungry. Food is fuel for the thought processes, and you will not be able to concentrate on an empty stomach.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards
Jun 19th, 2011 by caroline

Credit card offers come all too frequently through the mail to those who have good to excellent credit history. The most popular cards today besides no balance transfer credit cards are those that offer cash back for most purchases you make, or points which can be used like cash to buy items online.

The cash offers vary widely, some offering a small percentage for anything you buy; typically one percent. Others will restrict the money back deals to certain items, for example; the gas companies may offer you 5% cash back on gas purchases, and 1% on anything else you buy. Not a bad deal for drivers, as gas today is certainly a big chunk of the budget of everyone who drives. That 5% on three or four dollar a gallon gas can add up.

Some of the latest offers from credit card companies carry a one time cash back amount to those with excellent credit, just for signing up and then using the cards at least once. These deals as hard to resist. One large bank is now is offering $300 in such a deal, which is very tough to refuse. Others have rebates ranging from $50 to $250. It is wise to search the web and find the best deals, as even the same bank may have four or five different offers going on at any one time.

The major card companies that offer the cash back credit cards have distinct differences in their terms. The interest rates on balances carried on these can vary from 9.99 to 22.99%. The requirements to earn cash back may include spending a certain amount of money first, anywhere from $100 to $2500. There can be a big difference from one credit card deal to another. Some card companies may require you to spend a certain amount each month or quarter to qualify for the cash rebates.

There are those cards that only offer cash back on items they specify for a set period of time. For example it may be cash back on groceries for three months, then cash on gas purchases for three months, then clothing, etc. The card holder has to keep up with what deal is on at anytime to be sure to get the rebate. You may be required to call or go online and confirm your cash back deal at the start of each new period. This makes it easier for the bank to hold back the promised cash back. Complicated? It can be.

Be sure to compare all the terms, and choose the best deal for you. Also consider that some cards will charge an annual fee after the first year. Cash back credit cards; a great deal for those who go into it with all the facts read and understood up front.

5 Methods of Saving money in the Information Age
May 19th, 2011 by caroline

It is very important to save some of your hard earned money. You never know when you might need it. Also, there are certain things that you will not be able to buy on one paycheck. The only way to be able to use your money in this respect would be to save it. There are many different ways to save money. There are quite a few effective methods that you can use in order to save your earnings. This article will talk about five methods that you can use in order to save money.

1. Savings Account

One method that you can use is to open a savings account. Having a savings account is a great way to save money. You can take a small portion of your earnings and deposit it into your savings account at least once a month. you can have a set minimum to deposit on a monthly basis. Another advantage to this account is the fact that you can earn a little bit of interest on a regular basis if you maintain a certain balance. You will have a set percent of interest you will earn. Therefore, the more money you have in your savings, the more money you will earn on interest.

2. Checking Account

Another method for saving money would be opening a checking account. These are a lot like savings accounts. The main difference is that these are a little more lenient. The minimum balance that you have to maintain is smaller, and you can withdraw more money from your account without suffering any penalties. There are checking accounts that earn interest as well.

3. Money Market

Another type of account you can use to save money is a money market account. This is a good method for saving money due to the fact that it yields higher interest rates than the other accounts.

4. Annuities

One method that is helpful in saving money is investing in annuities. This requires a certain amount of fixed payments over a period of time. As your money accrues in the annuity it will reach a certain point where you can finally take out the money saved. This amount will also have gained you interest over an amount of time. You can find various types of these investments at

5. Spend Less

The best method for saving money would be spending less than you have. In other words, do not max out your credit card or any type of loan. You want to make sure that you can afford any item that you want within the means of your account.

Saving money is very important and simple. After all, you need money. Part of gain financial independence is actually learning how to save money. There are many different methods to save money. No method is going to work for everyone. The type of method that you use for saving money will depend on the type of plans you have. Whatever your goals are, you want to make sure that you have enough money to be able to support yourself for a good amount of time if ever you hit a hard time.

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